Basic Tips for Pigeon Care

Nest boxes First you need for pigeons are good home for them. So prepare yourself that you are ready to have fun with them.After your mind is ready to take care for proper health of pigeon, you have to prepare their nest at the beginning. 

Feeds (pigeon food) should be kept in dry place and should be in well ventilated store to keep away pests. You must protect the foods being wet.You can feed pigeons two times a day; morning and evening. Their diet may consists of corn, wheat, chickpeas, dried peas, etc. Feed them seasonal grains with seasonal green vegetables. Feeding diet is must for pigeon’s good health.

Water should be clean and fresh. So, change the water regularly. Muddy water and dirty water are unhygienic for home pigeons. Many diseases spreads through water, so use only clean water. Use water vessels from pet shops in the market for watering them.
These steps should be followoed by everyone who keep pets, specially birds, pigeons, dove, parrot & all types of poultry.
You should also visit animal care center or pet clinic near you for vaccination & medication timings.


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