A perfect angel-white face with some breed-typical tear and saliva stains

A perfect angel-white face with some breed-typical tear and saliva stains (Picture Credit: Amanda)

I always think my dog Leia looks like a perfect little angel. But having white fur is like having a black car: every little speck stands out on her. Also, her breed mix’s parents — she’s a rescue, but we think Maltipoo — are both prone to tear stains, working against her.

Even when I freshly wash Leia’s face, I can’t quite get the tear stains out of her fur.

When Squishface reached out and asked if we’d like to try their stain-removing Wrinkle Paste, I was intrigued. Could it really get the tear stains out of Leia’s fur? Here’s how it went!

What’s In Squishface Wrinkle Paste?

Squishface Wrinkle Paste Tube

Squishface Wrinkle Paste Tube (Picture Credit: Amanda)

Normally, I’ve hesitated to use whitening products on our little Leia because some can be quite strong and irritating. Some even contain an antibiotic, Tylosin, which is pretty surprising for an over-the-counter product used regularly, not just to treat an infection.

Tylosin’s use for cosmetic purposes is controversial. Many fans say it’s the only thing that works for getting rid of their dog’s tear stains. However, many veterinarians caution against using it so casually, as it may lead to antibiotic resistance in your dog.

It pleased me to learn that not only does Squishface not use antibiotics in their formulations, but they take care to use extremely gentle, even nourishing ingredients.

With ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, and coconut oil, I felt good putting these on my little pup’s face.

She is generally a great sport when it comes to our grooming her. But the fear of accidentally getting something harsh in her eyes — like some internet favorites, hydrogen peroxide and even bleach! — kept me away from trying to clean her tear stains with anything other than gentle dog shampoo before.

Squishface makes all its products in the USA, too! You can check out the full ingredients list on their website.

Easy To Use

Only a small dab is necessary

Only a small dab is necessary (Picture Credit: Amanda)

The concept behind the Wrinkle Paste is that it forms a barrier against the skin. That way, moisture your dog excretes under their eyes, under flaps of skin, or under tail pockets won’t collect and form bacterial or fungal development, which could sometimes even lead to odors and even infection.

Using this paste is easier than you might think. The consistency is very thick, similar to Desitin or Eucerin if you’ve ever used those human products. That means it’s easy to control and won’t spill onto unwanted places on your dog.

We also received a nice instruction sheet along with the product, reminding of the suggested amount (1/4 tsp. per usage, per area), duration of treatment (seven to ten days), application guidance, and tips on how to get your dog to cooperate.

They noted that Squishface has a directional video on their YouTube channel, as well as their Amazon link.

Not to mention, the directions are right on the tube. It’s pretty straightforward:

  • 1. Clean the affected area with wipes (they recommend their Wrinkle Wipes).
  • 2. Apply small dab to affected area; rub it in directly to the skin, not just the fur on top. Gently wipe off any excess.
  • 3. Repeat these steps every day for seven to ten days.

Great Customer Service

The great customer service from this brand really impressed me. Not only does the tube have clear directions, but they also included a letter with the tube with additional tips.

On top of all that, they have a 24-hour chat option on their website, where a real person, not a bot, is always ready to help you. They can give you advice if you’re having difficulty using the product on your pet. They can also guide you as to which products might be best for you.

In addition to their Wrinkle Paste, they also have Tear Stain Paste, which is aimed at long-haired dogs.

So Did It Work?

Good results

Good results (Picture Credit: Amanda)

I was stunned to see this product immediately decreased Leia’s tear stains. I do think it helps that her hair is white, and so is the product.

The biggest thing I noticed and appreciated was the paste helped me work out some of the stubborn gunk built up on her fur underneath her eyes.

No matter how thoroughly I bathe her, gently using a fine-tooth comb with her shampoo, I can never fully get out the stains in her fur, or even the solid matter that gets caked into it. The Wrinkle Paste softened and loosened the gunk so that I could pull it out more easily.

Leia was extremely tolerant of this paste, never fighting against my application. She’s usually tolerant of my fussy Dog Mom ways, including brushing her teeth, dressing her up, and posing her for photos. So I expected we’d have luck with this paste.

But I expected her only to tolerate it barely. Instead, it didn’t seem to bother one single bit.

I think it helped that the paste is allergy-friendly, as she has developed a bit of sensitivity in her older age, and it also helped that the product is fragrance-free. She wasn’t pawing at or licking her face, either.

The brand’s Tear Stain Remover might have worked even better on Leia, as both Poodles and Maltese are in the target audience for that product, with their longer hair.

The company stated the main difference between the products is the texture, where their Tear Stain Remover is a bit looser and more liquid than their Wrinkle Paste, so it’s easier to work through their longer hair. Leia and I would love to try their Tear Stain Remover on her luscious locks.

However, the Wrinkle Paste did a good job of slowing tear stain build-up, and again, I love how it helped me loosen and remove the hard build-up already on her fur.

I also suspect their Wrinkle Wipes help a lot in doing the preliminary cleaning before using the paste, which could only make the Wrinkle Paste work even better, as it’s working off a clean palette, so to speak.

Should You Buy Squishface Wrinkle Paste?

Leia the Beautiful

Leia the Beautiful (Picture Credit: Amanda)

Overall, I would say we definitely saw a difference with this paste in cleaning and preventing Leia’s tear stains. We highly recommend the brand, and we encourage you to use their website to read about which product would best match your dog’s breed.

You can buy Squishface Wrinkle Paste here!

Leia and I plan to try this product again, soon after a haircut, so I can more easily work the paste into her skin, and there will be less fur to clean before the treatment. That’s another thing we love about this product: it’s so gentle and safe for your dog, you don’t have to worry about using it as often as you need to.

If you’d like to know more, don’t be afraid to use the chat to ask for help! You can also email them at [email protected] or call/text 702.537.0130.

Thank you to Squishface for creating such an important, helpful grooming aid for our dogs, and thank you for sharing it with us!

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To follow Leia on social media, please visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Has your dog tried Squishface Wrinkle Paste? Did it help get rid of their tear stains? Let us know in the comments below!

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