Banjo is back as co-pilot, he wasn’t feeling well the last time and we want this to be a positive experience for him so he’s back and starting to feel a bit more confident with the new surrounds. Yes other dogs will come along too, but it’s not the best benefit to Banjo to only come a few times and not yet feel confident about the experience. So the plan is to take it on a dog by dog basis.

Back at the farm, Maggie is beginning to look for guidance and respond to it. Luke has been working on the signs for commands to get that basic level of communication down and develop a relationship. So now, when you see she hassles Gilbert she looks to Luke and he signals no. Looking at Luke is the first win, the second is when she stops, and the third is when she comes to him straight after for ‘was that right?’ and ‘what’s next?’ Well done Maggie.

Matilda the German Shepherd is really getting into lure and has already figured out how to be lure wise and predict the path like good ol Bandit boy.

Shadow is beginning to relax and really enjoy the game because she knows now what not to do and is trusting herself more that she can do it.

Gilbert is extra playful today. Lily has a good stick. And then an even better lure pulley.

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